Lunar Eclipse by Isabella M.

Isabella designed and developed this game at the Girls Make Games 3-week summer camp. She’s a finalist for GMG’s Demo Day competition, where the grand prize winners earn prizes sponsored by GMG partners!  To learn more, visit

Game Summary:

This is about collecting Spirits and fighting Rock Monsters/ Moku which are the enemies. you also collect things such as lanterns coins and keys.

You go through the levels to collect more items and you lose health if you get hit by one of the Moku. there is also a boss battle near the end of the game!

Game Controls:

To enter full screen, click the expand icon on the bottom right

  • ARROW KEYS to move
  • SPACE to shoot
  • SHIFT for shield

Game Story:

You go on a space expedition to explore space but wind up running into a new planet that isn’t solid but made up of chunks. You decide to explore the island but in doing so you get lost in the different spirits and treasures that you encounter. Along the way, you fight monsters and collect items until you reach the end and make it back to your

Space rocket to fly away!

But.. You keep the planet a secret from the people back at earth

Characters- Tsuki, the main player Moku- the little rock monsters, and Ginga- the big rock monster there are also the spirits such as the Kujira Spirit ( whale spirit ) and the Koi Spirit ( koi fish )


I got inspiration from the game SKY: children of the light and Pokemon for its use of Japanese names which I thought was a really unique idea.

About The Creator:

"I love pandas and video games. The holy questions- I like Animal crossing and super smash bros and Isabelle is my favorite character :)

My favorite genre of games is relaxing games and fighting games like Overwatch"