Magic Versus Mutation by Samantha "Quail" M.

Samantha designed and developed this game at the Girls Make Games 2-week summer camp. She’s a finalist for GMG’s National Demo Day competition where the grand prize winners earn prizes sponsored by Nintendo of America!  To learn more, visit

Game Summary:

Spring, an intern at the Magic Agency, must stop Team Metamorphosis from turning all wildlife into hostile mutated creatures.

Game Controls:

To enter full screen, click the expand icon on the bottom right

  • Arrow keys to move
  • SPACE to shoot
  • Z to interact
  • X to skip through text
  • R to reload ammo
  • F to buy another life (requires 10 coins)

Game Story:

When a tiny village near the Magical Agency asks for their help, they send Spring, an intern, to see what has them worried since no other heroes are available. The magical agency is a place that trains people to become heroes, so that they can go out and protect the world. One of the villagers tells her some people are mutating the local animals into hostile creatures. She fights the creatures and catches a couple of grunts injecting something into a rabbit. They tell her that they are part of Team Metamorphosis, and that they will soon rule the world, as only they can control the animals.
She continues with her journey until she finds the leader. He goes on an evil monologue about how the world will be terrified of his abominations, and will have no choice but to answer to him unless they want to be eaten. He lets out a huge mutation of a bunny and a mushroom snake that shoots fireballs, but she defeats it and crushes the machine making the serum the grunts were injecting into the animals.

The characters in my game are:
-Spring, an intern at the Magical Agency, who you play as.
-Catherine, Lexi, Steve, and Matthew are all villagers who tell you what is happening.
-The Team Metamorphosis Boss and Grunts are all part of Team Metamorphosis.


I was inspired by Pokemon Crystal for the idea of Team Metamorphosis, the mutated creatures, and the graphics for the game, since I had just beat the game before camp started. I also got inspired by My Hero Academia for the idea of the Magical Agency.