OutDated by Team CECG Rolls (Cameron P., Charlotte (Cay), Grace H.)

Team CECG Rolls (Cameron P., Charlotte (Cay), Grace H.) designed and developed this game at the Girls Make Games 3-week summer camp. They are a finalist for GMG’s Demo Day competition, where the grand prize winners earn prizes sponsored by GMG's partners!  To learn more, visit www.girlsmakegames.com

Game Summary:

In our game, a player named Dot relocates to a new town and takes over her parents' former cotton candy store. Dot explores the area to gain a sense of the new location, and while doing so, she makes some new acquaintances but observes something odd happening. Like individuals going missing and strange notes popping up all around town.

In a mysterious and perilous journey, Dot embarks on her quest just days after moving in to unlock the secrets of Sugar Grove and save its citizens.

Game Controls:

To enter full screen, click the expand icon on the bottom right 

  • Movement: ARROW KEYS
  • Shoot/Combat: SPACEBAR
  • How to Play: HOLD DOWN ESCAPE (ESC)
  • Interact/Pick-up: Q
  • Advance Dialogue: E
  • Door/New Area: D

Game Story:

Moving to Sugar Grove, Dot aims to take over the family cotton candy business. While exploring the town, Dot meets many candy-themed neighbors. Everything seems normal until the townspeople go missing. The only clue to where they went are pieces of a poem you must find, that tells the tale of the town. What dark secret is hiding under all that candy?

Dot originally was going around town to introduce themselves to the neighborhood until their new acquaintances started going missing! In search for them, Dot finds scattered poem pieces that tell the tale of Sugar Grove and all its citizens' terrible fates. All candy citizens are given an expiration date in which if they expire, they are taken away. There is a way to save those who are taken, by the sacred relabeler that can change their dates, and ultimately their fates.

DOT (Main Character):

  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • POC (African American)
  • Vitiligo on face + body
  • Naturally curious and kind. Always down to help where she can.


  • Pronouns: She/Her
  •  Middle-Aged Woman (40+)
  • POC (Mexican)
  • Short and plumper
  • Nurturing, motherly type.


  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Around Dot's Age (20s?)
  • Energetic, Hyperactive, Easy-going, Easily Excited
  • Loves Fashion


  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Younger than 18
  • Timid, Quiet personality
  • Manages shop since parents had "passed away" (Expired)


Cameron: A book series (Cucumber Quest)!

Grace: Bright colors and candy in general, I love designing colorful and interesting settings/characters.

Cay: My teammates, we all worked together to come up with the idea! I sort of went with the flow but I absolutely loved how they contributed my ideas and how it changed the game!

About the Creators:

"Cameron: Loves Poetry! (Inspiration for adding poem pieces as a mystery for the game), favorite candy: anything sour, favorite game genre: realistic/simulation, and if I could have one superpower I'd want: Time Travel!

Grace: Favorite candy: Jolly Ranchers, loves to sing (creates her own music!), plays the piano, favorite game genre: Horror, and if I could have one super power I'd want: Teleportation!

Cay: Loves Poetry! (Inspiration for adding poem pieces as a mystery for the game), favorite candy: chocolate, favorite game genre: RPGs, and if I could have one superpower I'd want: Super Speed!"