Rhythmic Robot by Vanessa M.

Vanessa M. designed and developed this game at the Girls Make Games 3-week summer camp. She’s a finalist for GMG’s Demo Day competition, where the grand prize winners earn prizes sponsored by GMG's partners!  To learn more, visit www.girlsmakegames.com

Game Summary:

R.C. woke up after a deep sleep from low battery. They were recharged with life after hearing a small tune. R.C. had lost sight of their creator and now needs to get back. They went to the source and found a pair of headphones with an MP3 player. They recognize this pair, it belonged to their creator. After giving a listen they discovered their new source of power. However, this energy can only last for so long, so R.C needs the fastest way to make it back to their creator. Fortunately, this music inside of them gives them the rhythmic power to travel at high speeds, but only if you get on time with the beat. Can you guide R.C. through the lands, or will the record come to an end?

Game Controls:

To enter full screen, click the expand icon on the bottom right 

  • Up & Down Arrow Keys to hit objects
  • Mouse for selecting levels & clicking buttons

Game Story:

R.C. wakes up in a Junkyard not knowing why they are there. They look around and hear a small tune through their system. They follow the tune to find a pair of headphones with an MP3 player that once belonged to their creator. They put on the headphones and found that they gave them batteries to keep running. However, this power can only last for so long, because once the music stops, they shut down for good. Determined to find a way to live forever, they set out for their missing creator. Throughout the lands they knock over objects in their way to the beat of the music to save their draining life. Help out R.C. on their quest for the creator before their battery closes for good.


Friday Night Funkin' (FNF), & Melody's Escape!

About the Creator:

"I love cute things gone horror, like Omori, DDLC, and a little bit of Danganronpa/YTTD! Everything rhythmic is also my kind of game! It may be hard but I love rhythm games, even if I'm not very good at them-"