Yellowlegs by Maddie K.

Maddie designed and developed this game at the Girls Make Games 2-week summer camp. She’s a finalist for GMG’s National Demo Day competition where the grand prize winners earn prizes sponsored by Nintendo of America!  To learn more, visit

Game Summary:

Yellowlegs and their sandpiper friends live on a beach that was recently hit by a hurricane, spreading trash everywhere and causing the birds to loose their most sacred and ancient relics; three bottlecaps. Yellowlegs is charged with recovering the bottlecaps, cleaning up the beach, and maybe finding some friends along the way.

Game Controls:

To enter full screen, click the expand icon on the bottom right 

  • Arrow keys to move and jump
  • Cutscenes/dialogue will auto-play (wait for them to complete)

Game Story:

Yellowlegs is a sandpiper with a fear of mosquitos, which is why the "enemies" in the levels are bugs, and they enjoy helping other creatures. The "lore" behind the bottlecaps is that each part of the beach (crabs are underground, birds are in the air, etc) has a bottlecap, so air, underground, and ocean each have one. The birds are charged with protecting these caps because they can fly away in an emergency but this time they failed, so it's up to Yellowlegs to get them back.


I came up with this idea from a trip to Ocracoke Island (NC), we spent a lot of time at the beach and the main character was originally going to be a ghost crab but I decided against it because sandpipers run really cutely and they're easier to draw running