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Really, fun and challenging platforming game. 10/10


Wowww thank you for sharing looks like you had fun :D


Awesome job! I love it, super cute. I need to go back and play it to completion.

ayyyy thank youuuu  :D

I’ll be sure to check out the rest of your games! 🙏🏻


Howdy!...when I backed your game on kickstarter, the campaign page said that it would be released on Steam as well, and this statement was re-enforced in the comments section by you gals as well. I'm curious what is happening with that, I backed your campaign for the Steam release, as well as hoping that when it was released on steam there would be Steam Achievements as well. I would really like to know what is happening with this, thanks in advance for your time..

Thank you for being an awesome backer, batmobilly! We're working on getting the game up on Steam in the coming weeks! 
Unfortunately the game will not have any Steam Achievements at this time :(


I'm going to have to figure if this can run in Linux just so I can try it.

I'm very happy to know this game was made. You rock, ladies! :D

Thank you BrazMogu! Let us know what you think :)


This was really cool and super impressive! And also surprisingly challenging, haha. Some of the obstacles were just mean. But seriously, great work. The whole time I was just so impressed, because I certainly couldn't put together something like this.

Thank you Alexstrazsa! The game was designed to be challenging but fun at the same time, so hopefully you got to experience both sides! :D We appreciate your love and support! <3


This game was tough! I'm not very good at 2D Platformers, but I perservered and managed to beat it! It's really mind blowing that a group of young kids helped developed this game. It's got a cute theme and the gameplay is pretty fun! 

There are some places where I feel the game could be improved. The collision detection with walls or platforms you jump into kinda causes the player character to get stuck against that surface. This can be especially problematic during some platforming sections. Another problem has to do with the jumping. It seems the double jump is based on the frame you press the jump button. So if you want a higher jump then you have to press space on the first frame, and then immeditely after press jump on the second. For a game running at 60 fps, this is incredibly difficult. I think this could be easily tweaked to allow the player more time to maximize their jump with a little more room for error between jumps. (Allow more delay between frame input/add a buffer) I hope I'm on point with these problems, as I don't know what the source code looks like so I'm just giving my best guess based on what I played. Fixing these issues would make controlling the player way more tight so that players can precisely make jumps without errors.

Regardless, I had a great time! I hope you'll check out my video which has a few other tid bits thrown in there. I do rage a lot, but I watch my language for this particular video. Hopefully it's a fun experience to watch. Keep up the great work!

Hi NLAigis! Thank you for playing and for sharing your feedback! We agree, there are areas that the game can be improved in. We're hoping to gather as much feedback as possible and incorporate in v.2 in the coming months.


All I can say is wow! Young girls already developing a game. Go Girl Power! 

It's a fun platformer but, it's a tough one! I got stuck on the part that has the spikes right after a saw I think that takes a lot of luck!

Thank you so much!! :D